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Evestra’s proprietary products are based on two enabling technologies, these are medicinal chemistry and vaginal ring technology. Both technologies are supported by GMP manufacturing of APIs and Drug Products. Evestra’s product pipeline includes pre-clinical and clinical-stage products, and all Evestra products are protected by broad US and international issued patents.

Fertility Control

Contraceptive Statusof Women in the US: 47 million women aged 15-49 in the U.S. are currently using contraception; clinicians have seen a rise in patients seeking consultation for conception over recent years.
Notably, reports have shown women choosing in addition to the daily pill, long-acting reversiblemethods, such as longer-acting subQ/IM injectables, implants and IUDs. The overall market for longer-term active contraceptive devices has significantly continued to grow in the last decade.
A 2019 United Nations surveysuggests 56% of European women of reproductive age are using contracep


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