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Thyroid dysfunation, I-Vedam Ayurveda, I-Vedam Ayurveda in Moradabad

Globally, thyroid issues are the most common endocrine dysfunctions. Most of the patients that are suffering from thyroid disorders are end up having either hypo or hyper function of the gland. In hypothyroidism, TSH level is increased, whereas in hyperthyroidism TSH level is decreased, both have different signs and symptoms. Healing the Thyroid with Ayurveda is finally here at I-Vedam Ayurveda.
Excessive thyroid hormone production leads to symptoms such as:

racing heart
increased sweating
trouble sleeping
thin skin
brittle hair and nails
muscle weakness
weight loss
bulging eyes (in Graves’ disease)

What Causes Thyroid Problems?

Graves’ disease: The production of too much thyroid hormone.
Toxic adenomas: Nodules develop in the thyroid gland and begin to secrete thyroid hormones, upsetting the body’s chemical


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