• September 28, 2020 12:21 pm

Administrative Assistant required

1. The office assistant will handle filing duties. This includes creating and maintaining a filing system; locating documents for staff members; and filing documents in their corresponding location.
2. Handle incoming mail, emails and outgoing messages. You may be responsible for responding to general assistance emails, attaching files to messages, answering letters and distributing correspondence to the appropriate office team members. You will frequently operate fax machines, phone systems and other office equipment.
3. Data Entry and Computer Work
4. Customer Service

Skills Required:
Strong Networking skills are required.

Should have experience working in domain based (active directory) environments.

Should be able to manage and maintain Microsoft IIS, Active Directory and Exchange Servers.

Ability to troubleshoot network issues/problems (TCP/IP, Ethernet).

Ability to implement and configure VLAN’s and Subnets.

Experience with Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and above

Maintain network security Administrative Assistant required Name: Ghazanfer Email: info@galcopvc.com Phone: 03328239380 Url: Address: Karachi, Sindh


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