• September 28, 2020 11:10 am

This is where you could come in. In simple terms where your car goes their brand goes.

As you're probably wondering what's written in fine print, we'll write it out for you.
Your brand new vehicle is used as a base for vinyl-based advertisements.
The moment we finish paying off the EMI after 3 years,
the graphics are removed from your vehicle.
Besides offering you a brand new car for such a small sum,
we are also giving you the opportunity to help start a revolution; to transform the way of advertising mantras work and refurbish society,
one method at a time.

GPS system complimantry extra Rs.17000
montly km 1200
maximum emi paid Rs.12000 par month
registration charge Rs.10000

e mail :- caremifree@gmail.com
contact no :- +91 8401705631
Adwetising oun your car emi free on your car Name: bhargav Email: suvagiabhargav99@gmail.com Phone: 08401705631 Url: Address: pakistan,


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