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Best Skin Whitening Treatment with Creams, Injections,  in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Pakistan

Best Skin Whitening Pills (Tablets) in Pakistan

Recently there is a lot of interest and hype created in media about skin whitening tablets and injections. Many of these treatments contain no medically proven substances and may contain dangerous non-medically proved chemicals that can harm your health. please be sure that the ingredients of these tablets are clearly written on the bottle or injection and make an effort to read about the chemicals mentioned on these injections to see if they are safe and FDA approved. One such example are the Gultathione tablets. White Glutathione is an effective antioxidant that can slow down your aging process as a whole, it may not be the best treatment for skin whitening, as the amount that gets absorbed by mouth may not be high enough to cause skin whitening. You need an extra-ordinary high amount of Glutathione for skin whitening that has not been proven to be safe in any medical study. In fact Glutathione injections were banned in Philippines a few years ago because of the fear and concern of their side effects. So in such case how can you become white and fair. The answer is very simple. Our doctors will try to give you whiter and fair skin by implementing topical treatments without the fear of side effects on your body. such treatments may contain, skin whitening creams, night creams, serums, lotions, micro-dermabrasion and the use of latest lasers and latest treatment called PRP (Platelet Rich plasma). With a combination of these safe treatments you can have a whiter fairer skin without risking your health, under the supervision of Alhamdulillah .

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