• September 29, 2020 11:57 am

Notes on Breitling Exospace B55 Yachting Watch Review & Breitling Professional Series

I have owned this Breitling Exospace B55 Yachting watch for quite some time, and most of the time it was on my wrist. In fact, you may have read this in our article about the most commonly worn watches in 2019. This is an ANA-DIGI quartz watch, which is both big and rare, but weird-I like all these attributes except for its scarcity in the market and on people’s wrists. Here’s more about its advantages and disadvantages, why it speaks to me … and why I think it is an important watch for our watch enthusiasts, especially our Breitling enthusiasts.

I won’t persuade me to try to convince anyone to try a quartz replica watch, not to mention irony, the Exospace B55 is a quasi-smart Breitling watch with Bluetooth connectivity and matching! What I want to say is that the Breitling Exospace B55 yacht may be hovering at the bottom of the cumulative watch wish list of the larger watch enthusiast community (if you think I’m wrong, please let me know, I’d love to be a case), which put me in The positive experience on this watch has become more difficult to communicate.

However, despite this, what I want to say will resonate with you. I admit that most watches with basic automatic movements were lost to me not long ago-if you can recognize this feeling, then you may want to consider this B55. To be clear, today’s basic ETA 2824 or 7750 watches must work very hard to make me as fascinated and excited as before. The short power reserve, audible winding rotor, and repetitive feature set make me stop worrying. Watch what’s the feature-related and design-related puzzle, or aren’t all the dates … oh, if we do this and have a date, what’s the least vulnerable location? When I wear a watch for my own pleasure, I need it to excite me and free me from all the annoying nonsense.

I won’t go into the details of why so many automatic production machines in the world often lack all these things, because this is another discussion. It can be said that sometimes they just don’t do this. So what about the Breitling Exospace B55? Let’s go through the list of selfish indulgences above.

Breitling EXPOSACE B55 yacht is entertaining
People find the entertainment of a watch very subjective. Here is a subjective list of what I call “the entertainment factor in modern luxury timepieces.” If you are a guy (or gal) who is angry because your mileage may vary, skip to point 2. When it comes to watch entertainment, subjectivity is a priority given to objective components. These elements include (but are not limited to) the brand, design, features, and story of the watch (or marketing without the watch).

In this case, as far as I am concerned, branded entertainment is an AB OVO guarantee. I think Breitling replica is a positive and interesting company. As far as the past I want to look back, this has always been the case, even if the preferred form of entertainment has changed over the years. From well-dressed ladies to jet fighters, to bold (sometimes ridiculous, mostly daring) watches and collections designed for very specific and very cool use cases, Breitling can use a lot of things Sensation of his senses. Of course, the decorative girls have disappeared-almost unparalleled-the absurd advertising campaign has also disappeared, but the enthusiasm of the brand continues to linger. The symbol of these changes is the «B» logo, which has wings around its wings and is replaced by the old-fashioned cursive B, which in fact has appeared on the crown of Breitling yonks watches.

Breitling Exospace B55 Yachting Watch Review & Breitling Professional Line Breitling Wrist Time Note

However, the dial of this Exospace B55 still has wings. These wings remind me of non-PC Breitling, which is always doing its own thing. To be fair, I’m happy to say that despite the brand’s situation has changed dramatically, running your own business under Georges Kern is still more compromised. For me, the atmosphere of manufacturing, design and brand independence is always a core part of Breitling’s charm. In fact, it’s been almost two years since I first learned and reported Kern’s thoughts on Breitling’s direction, and you can read everything here. We’ll discuss branding later, but now let’s talk about appearance. https://www.chronowrist.ru


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