• September 29, 2020 12:11 pm

PKNIC prepaid cards are used to register or renewal
(country-code Top Level Domain), these cards are offered by all 
PKNIC SRS. You can buy cheap retail & bulk PKNIC
cards from Navicosoft also offering the lowest pk domain price. PKNIC cards can
be used to register, renew any extension with .pk like .com.pk, .org.pk,
.net.pk. , and all other sub-domain with top-level domain which is available on
PKNIC cards. One card is satisfactory to register a 2 years country code top-level
as well as second and third-level domains extensions for all governmental,
educational and organizational or commercial in Pakistan which includes .pk,
.com.pk, .org.pk, .net.pk, .biz.pk, .fam.pk, .edu.pk, .gov.pk, gob.pk, .gog.pk,
.gkp.pk, .gok.pk, .gos.pk and .gop.pk. Navicosoft is a 
PKNIC SRS Member providing cheap, briskly & bulk
PKNIC prepaid cards at affordable and best prices in PKR & PayPal USDs for
.pk domains since Navicosoft is an authorized PKNIC SRS member that’s why you
can get cards instantly at the lowest price with peace of mind.

Navicosoft provides domain names in the .pk domain ccTLD namespace. This includes domain names
with .pk, .com.pk, net.pk, org.pk, .web.pk, .fam.pk, .edu.pk, as well as
various government only sub-domains like .gov.pk etc. Venerable clients can
instantly buy domain names and additional professional services like 
Web Hosting and Digital Marketing.


So, get to grasp the PKNIC card at the lowest price Rs. 2,300/-


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