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Job Description:
He will be reporting, technically, to Director UIT but practically to the Faculty Committee on Multi Discipline Resource Centre and Co-ordinate closely with Heads of Academic and Administrative Departments to have a coordinated and smooth functioning of programs.
He will be the custodian and manager of ALL UIT programs offered outside the normal and formal academic courses taught in the mornings. These courses would usually commence in the afternoons / evenings until 9:00 PM and on weekends.

These include MS Programs and all those short courses offered under “Multi-Discipline Resource Centre”.
The term “manager” of these programs is a comprehensive and all inclusive term that will include, amongst others:
Maintain a comprehensive ‘Action Plan’ and current status time table and datasheet.
Marketing UIT programs
Providing information and guidance
Enrolling students
Timetabling and coordination with teachers / trainers
Arranging teaching / learning facilities e.g. classrooms, labs and ensuring systems are working well
Co-ordinating with HODs on MS paraphernalia
Ensuring all requirements of a course are available well ahead of time.
Evaluating programs and eliciting students feed back at the end of each course.
Co-ordination with all administrative and security personnel
Preparing monthly reports and reports at the end of each course.
Help in collection fee (discuss collection with Manager Finance)
Ensure security checks so that only bonafide students get in. (Special ID cards)
Pointing out problems with options of solutions well ahead of time.
Preferably MBA or BS/MS with experience of at least 2 years in course coordination or similar academic administration in a recognized educational institution. Well versed in English communication and presentation skills.
How to apply:
Please email your CVs to arahman@uit.edu CO-ORDINATOR FOR MULTI-DISCIPLINE RESOURCE CENTRE Name: Rahman Email: arahman@uit.edu Phone: 02134994305 Url: Address: Karachi, Sindh


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