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Based on infrared technology and supporting multi touch, Infrared interactive whiteboard is used more and more widely nowadays. Julong infrared interactive whiteboard has an accurate positioning and quick response, which will bring you a smooth touch feeling. Except multi touch up to 4 points supporting, even your finger or a pen can be used to write on the board.

Key Feature:
Multi touch and gestures control support
Finger or any other non-transparent object to operate
Infrared touch technology provides incredible accuracy and smooth handwriting
Low glare and electronic-free surface, surface damage won't affect usage
Lower power consumption, USB powered, more safety

Writing Function
Allow users to operate with 2 pens simultaneously from anywhere on the board
Normal Pen: trim and smooth, suitable for alphabet and numerals handwriting;
Flat Pen: Suitable for English and Arabic characters;
Transparent Pen: draw freely and change the transparence, suitable for annotation and highlight;
Brush Pen: Based on the Chinese traditional handwriting features, more suitable for Chinese characters handwriting;
The Pen Width, line style, Line Color can be adjusted according those 4 pens

Edit Function:
Edit different files, Copy, Paste, Delete, Group, lock, Layer adjusting, Pan, Scale and Rotate

Camera Function
Short-throw Camera eliminates shadows and glare, offering a crisp, high-definition image

Support text insert and link function
Easy to use the image gallery template, and can be added according the real using situation

Replay function
Operation on the current page and selected page can be replayed for a process review; and the replay speed can be changed.

Support edits function of background page
Providing various writing interfaces (blackboard, whiteboard) for users to choose

Support the function of magnifier, searchlight. Magnify some areas checked on the page and highlight the important areas

Powerful drawing function, capable to add various Geometric Graphics drawing and color filling functions.

Customized Setting: Float toolbar button, normal drawing pen, normal insert type font of the text, default image of the screen Shade and so on

Outer software port: users can load the normal software(handwriting recognition text, voice and video record, screen record and so on ) into the menu option, it is convenient to transfer software

Capable for users to export the web page

File save format: *.wmf,*.jpg,*.png,*.html and*.btx
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