• September 28, 2020 11:11 am

Hi, I m Altaf Hussain, from Karachi, 49yrs, Basically From Punjab, Photographer/Artist, Sunny Muslim, Divored, now completely alone here,earning up to Rs.30.000/-Plus pm, own
residence in Gulshan-Karachi, simple and straight forward. I m lonely, sensitive, like to say/listen truth, man of commitment, Need female life partner, aducated, around 35yrs of age, bewaah, talaaq shuda. be-ghar, be-sahaara, tanhaa etc. females
are welcomed for Sharee Nikah, They should Sunny Muslim, No demand just come and have nikah after basic conversation, should co-operative in all avenues of life and should ready to know how to be a team together in the battle of life. Cast, language, area, city, Province, country, financial status etc. is absolutely no problem. Such simple interested personalities are requested to boldly direct call please with confidence at 03417770999, 03002379083. Need Female Life-Paraner of around 35years Name: Altaf Hussain Email: altafhussainnayyar@gmail.com Phone: 03417770999 Url: Address: Karachi, Sindh


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