• September 28, 2020 11:25 am

RABKA fumigation Services was established in 2000 as a small business, and is now active throughout Pakistan, serving customers in every town and districts of Pakistan from its Main Office at D.H.A Karachi.
Rabka Fumigation Services is one of the leading Pest Control company in Karachi, Pakistan. We are the Member of National Pest Management Association NPMA (USA). We have been providing Domestic and Industrial Pest Control Services and Water Tank Cleaning Services for the last 14 years in all types of sectors. The key to success in any pest management program is directly dependent upon the quality of the people who deliver the service. Rabka Fumigation Services has been, and continues to be, a leader within the pest control industry.
1.Pest Management Program
2.Pre & Post Construction Termite Proofing.
3.Termite Control for Upper Portions/ Flats
4.General Fumigation/Dis-infestation Against Crawling Insects etc
5.Dengue & Mosquito Control
6.Rats & Snakes Control with Toxic & Non Toxic Methods
7.Ship & Container Fumigation
8.Lawn & Garden Spray
9.Wood Borer Treatment
10.Water Tank Cleaning etc
We may mention here that we have contracts with International Hotels, Restaurants, Factories, Pharmaceuticals, Banks, Godowns, Garments, Mills, Industries, Construction Firms, Ships, Multi-national Organizations, Embassies, NGO Offices and many other reputed organizations.

Rabka Fumigation Services designed Half and Yearly Contract for Pest Control for your factories, Offices, Godowns etc. in very competitive charges.
Rabka Fumigation Services is fully committed to providing and maintaining the highest level of service. Whether you need to eradicate an existing pest problem or wish to maintain a pest free environment. You will find our service professional, friendly and efficient and our charges competitive. No Pest No Hassles Rabka Fumigation (Services) Name: Ahmed Email: ahmedcoaching@hotmail.com Phone: 03002887861 Url: Address: Karachi, Sindh


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