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Bring Home the Magic of Music

Express your musical talent with the PSR-260! In addition to a 5-octave touch response keyboard, it features the Y.E.S. 2 music teaching function, bass ports and an exciting new DJ mode.

Yamaha portable keyboards put musical creativity at your fingertips

The Yamaha lineup of portable electronic keyboards is a musician's dream come true, giving you the power to sound exactly the way you want. It starts with a new level of instrument realism thanks to a larger sample ROM. And what does that mean? Simply put, a more realistic digital sample of an instrument almost always requires a larger digital sample. So by increasing the size of the sample memory, Yamaha is able to give you even more realistic instrument voices.

A fun-tastic way to discover the exciting world of music

Yamaha's entry-level Yamaha Portable Keyboard line offers incredible features and performance at an affordable price. Newly developed Yamaha Education Suite â„¢, a wonderful set of music training functions, make learning music incredibly easy. And when it's time to take a break from practicing, simply place the keyboard in DJ mode and let the fun begin with awesome dance voices and accompaniment styles and even a DJ game!

Portable Grandâ„¢

When you just want to sit down and play the piano, the PORTABLE GRAND function immediately changes your Yamaha Portable Keyboard to a piano.

Stereo Sampled Grand Piano Voice

Pressing the PORTABLE GRAND button calls up a special Stereo Sampled Grand piano voice, stunningly rich and authentic in its sound, and exceptionally responsive to your playing touch!

Instant Piano Play

Portable Grand automatically configures the entire instrument to settings that best suit the Grand Piano voice. This means that no matter what operations or function the Yamaha Portable Keyboard is set to, the Portable Grand is just a button touch away!

Pianist Styles

These Yamaha portable keyboards also include a wealth of special piano-only “Pianist” styles. These provide professional-sounding piano accompaniment, changing chords automatically as you do, while you play a piano melody on top! For a demonstration of “What is a Style”, click 11509 PCT here (1.3MB download – requires Macromedia Flash and computer sound).

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