• September 28, 2020 11:11 am

I am overweight about 87 Kgs, but I should be 74 kgs at my age and height.

I am looking for a partner which can accompanied me to lose weight.

Activities includes Body building club exercise and Running in the park and sometime on weekend running on beaches. Some time city walk.


Must be willing to do hard work

I will take care if no result come

Female prefereable.

Must have at least daily 1 hour time

Must live close to Defence/Clifton/Cant/Saddar Karachi.

Just make you mind, I assure if you follow me, I will help you to remove about 20-23 kgs in 6 months, but you have to follow all my advices and cooperate. Well being, wegith loss activity – Karachi Name: Weight Trainer Email: trainer@gmail.com Phone: 03333505000 Url: Address: Karachi, Sindh


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